Water Ghaims

About the Project​

The goal of the project, Water Ghaims (Gender Harmony Games) EuroCamp focus on the need to overcome the male chauvinist mentality which is still very deeply rooted in both cultural and social life, as well as in sports, in partner’s countries and especially in the South of Southern Europe,

Gender stereotypes are preconceived ideas in which males and females are arbitrarily assigned to certain characteristics and roles limited by their gender.

The project implements several activities that meet the requirements of Erasmus+ but also innovative aspects in sport. The methodology will be based on a cultural and scientific approach, with the application of a GEO (Gender Equality Oriented) pilot system. Mobility to Italy is planned for a ten-day sport campus, including practice and water games, intercultural Erasmus+ spirit, entertainment and cultural activities. All aimed at the promotion of gender equality.

A multifaceted impact is expected on both partners and the various stakeholders involved in the project, with a cascading effect on their communities: on a local, regional, national and international level.

Full title: Water GHAims EuroCamp

Start: 01/01/2018

Finish: 30/06/2019

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: Sport

Website: www.waterghaims.eu

The Partnership

The partnership consists of Italy (ASD Aquarius), Poland (WKS SLASK), Sweden (Helsingborgs Simsallskap and Greece (European Institute for Local Development & Technological Institute of Western Greece).