SPINENT 3rd Transnational Meeting At Murcia


3rd transnational meeting @Murcia


The objective of #SPINENT project is to further contribute to innovative approaches to youth sport entrepreneurship through attractive resources and training programs in line with individual needs and expectations.

The target group of the project is young groups between 18-30, including individuals at risk (i.e social exclusion, unemployed, early school leavers, young refugees etc.) The final beneficiaries of the project are young entrepreneurs, youth organisations, start-ups, accelerators and incubation centers, technology centers, universities, research centers as well as investors across the Europe.

As the special purpose of SPINENT is to support competition and employment within the sports industry in EU by using ICT-based methodologies, the project partners met in Murcia for their third transnational meet up, to proceed with the evaluation of WP2 (Interactive Guide and Tool (IO1), WP3 (ICT-Based Sport – Oriented Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Training Course (IO2)  and WP4 (Pilot Scheme of the Training Course (blended learning).

The first session focused on the outputs promo video in the project’s official website (spinent.eu) and the creation of the full project guide specifics. The second bit of the day seeking to ensure the development and testing of innovative applications for the youth entrepreneurship at local and European level revolved around the structure of the surveys and the final selection of the questions included (ie. “What do you think is more important about these four categories integrated in the SportTech ecosystem? Activity and performance, management and organization, fans and media? Why?”) The agenda also included the discussion of the pilot training course and its structure along with the terms for granting a certification to the participants.

Prior to the closure of the day, the partners discussed about the proper realization of WP3 and more specifically, the more administrative and financial aspect of the project, the dissemination activities and the confirmation of the next meeting.

You can find out more on #SPINENT at eurolocaldevelopment.org and the project’s official website spinent.eu.