About the Project​

The main goal of the SkoPS project is the inclusive empowerment of the european workforce development through online/virtual skills training for digital transformation towards mitigating the impact of pandemic situations. This project promotes the skills of engineers and workforce in general in the domain of IIoT, one of the most influencing and emerging technologies with significant economic and social benefits as well as trade and collaboration potentials. The project explicitly includes the gender and accessibility perspective.

Full title: Empowering the European Workforce Development through Online/Virtual Skills Training for Digital Transformation towards Mitigating the Impact of Pandemic Situations

Start: 1.06.2021

Finish: 31.05.2023

Programme: ERASMUS+

Key-Action:  KA2

Acronym Title: SkoPS

The Partnership

Τhe participating countries and partner organizations are: Universitaet Siegen (USI) – University – Germany, Petanux GMBH (PTX) – SMSE – Germany, Universidad De Alicante (UA) – University – Spain, European Institute for Local Development – NGO – Greece.