Press Release – Migrants Take Care Project

Participating countries: Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain

This project aims to enhance the social and labour inclusion of migrants with a low qualified level and from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds, who work in the Home Care Service / Residential Care sector under precarious conditions.

Through education and training tailored to the needs of cultural, communication and professional trainings, low-qualified adult migrants will be able to access equal and legal employment conditions and progress towards higher qualifications. A high proportion of migrants are employed under semi-legal conditions, very often without a training certificate or work license.  To overcome existing structural barriers and discriminatory praxis, the project will develop business partnerships with Care Service Providers.

Specific Topics and Outcomes of the programme are to improve cultural and language knowledge to overcome structural barriers in regard to migrants, to improve care giving to elderly people and to support recruiting of migrants in Service Care.

As early as the beginning of the month, the partners from the participating countries met in Germany to define the project objectives and the methods employed to evaluate the outcomes. They also examined the overall budget and agreed on the allocation of work packages for the months to come.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 2020 in Palermo, Italy.