MIGRANT TALENT GARDEN – Partners’ Meeting At Warsaw, Poland


12th & 13th of November

Partners’ Meeting @ Warsaw (PL)

Μigrant Talent Garden (MTG) project addresses rising migrant youth unemployment by uniting field experts a multinational entrepreneurship support program. The project´s approach is based on innovation and exploration and research and analysis. Its main goal is to train mentor and make sure young migrants have a chance to implement their business ideas.

The project team met in Warsaw (Poland) in mid-November to go through the new budget allocation and the specifics of EGREG platform. During the first session of the meeting, the partners also focused on (re-)defining the expected outcomes, the indicators and last but not least, the deliverables. Day one concluded with the analysis of the specific characteristics of the preferred target group and the development of the training module while the partners addressed some technicalities with regards to the hub and the online platform.

Since the program aims to map out existing entrepreneurship support schemes in Europe, by creating business support networks and training programs, the meeting ‘s focus shifted towards the thorough examination of the breakdown of each work package allocated amongst partners. The second day of the meeting concluded with some updates on the managerial end of things and feedback regarding the methods employed up to now.

Next meeting has been scheduled for Brussels at the end of November.

More on the project may be found here or at our official website