MAST (Mediterranean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism)

About the Project​

MAST project contributes to address in a very innovative and practical way the current and expected socio-economic impact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has on the UfM region.

The overall objective of the action is to reboot tourism by rethinking and overcoming current paradigms, going towards new sustainable tourism approaches and also to introduce new business ideas, marketing and communication strategies and a renewed dialogue among MSMEs and public authorities.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to bring new, more sustainable, tourism ideas to the market, including rural tourism projects, well- being programs for different target groups, cultural and heritage tourism offers, biodiversity experiences;
  • to support tourism entrepreneurs in renewing own businesses, looking at new forms of hospitality, marketing and communication strategies based on quality, attention to local heritage, natural resources, local food production, adoption of measures to contrast COVID-19 risk of contagion;
  • to support the matching between job seekers and employers, thanks to a section of the project platform devoted to jobseeker and employers;
  • to contribute to the creation of new partnerships between stakeholders, including public authorities and businesses about sustainable tourism.

Full title: Mediterranean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism post COVID-19

Start: 1.07.2021

Finish: 31.03.2022

Programme: UFM 

Acronym Title: MAST

The Partnership

Τhe participating countries and partner organizations are: European Institute for Local Development – NGO – Greece, University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro (UPO) – University – Italy, Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade (MACTT) – NGO – Malta, Union Maghrebine et Nord Africaine des Agriculteurs (UMNAGRI) – NGO – Tunisia, Regional Observatory of Agriculture and Development (A.O.R.A.D.R.C.S.) – NGO – Morocco