Looking For Partners For Erasmus + KA205

In these times that cities are overpopulated and diseases seem to have a larger impact on the vulnerable older population, young individuals underestimate the importance of social distancing and self control measuring. As a result, young people are the center of transmitting procedure that distracts the effort for controling viruses, difficulting cities and states to control the spread and finally face and recover from the measures that are declining the economic activities.

Based on the prediction of globally rising population and the urbanisation, the importance of fast solution oriented approaches and exchange of good practices that are effective, is more visible today than ever.

Our project aims to create a network and exchange the best practices that have been applied towards the direction of awareness creation and problem sovling solutions that are oriented in people of younger age.

The main objectives of the project are:

Create a network of organisations that have experience in initiatives
relevant to the field.
To distribute the practices among the participating countries in order
to expand the results what has been implemented so far.
Create new methods and tools for social distancing that are
concentrating in young people.
Target Groups: NGOs, Municipalities, Public Bodies, Health Sector
Stakeholders, SMEs,

Please Contact: info@eurolocaldevelopment.org

Read more: https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/partner-search/requests/looking-partners-erasmus-ka205-european-network-awareness-creation-youth