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about project

The special aims of ESVOL project are to promote social leadership and social innovation education for sport volunteers which will lead to new business/idea creation in the sport related social field. To facilitate innovative learning practices in social leadership and social innovation in sport by developing gamified platform and open online course (MOOC) and implementing trainings for sport volunteers.

The target group of the project is sport volunteers especially women, young people and talented athletes in participant countries. A skills-based study will be carried out to determine the profile required for the new model of sport volunteer as a social leader and social innovator. In addition, an open online course (MOOC) and gamified platform will be developed that will provide the skills necessary for sport volunteers to become social leaders and/or social innovators.

Full title:ESVOL
Start: 01.01.2019
Finish: 30.12.2020
Programme: Erasmus+
Sub-Programme: Sport
Website: TBA

The partnership

The participating partner countries and partner organisations are: BSDA(Bulgaria),UCAM(Spain),European Institute for Local Development(Greece) and CESIE(Italy).

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