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about project

The project Employable Young People-EYP provides a process used by youth workers, social workers, teachers to support young unemployed people – NEETs specifically – in their personal development path, while activating the local community in being a real and concrete support to the process.

In this way, not only the disadvantaged youth can get in touch with society and being empowered from it, but the whole community can be better organize as they increase their communication exchange.

The aim and the objectives of the project “Employable Young People-EYP” is to develop a model to support NEET improve self-confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills behavior and attitude. Furthermore, to create a strong support network made up of companies, public institutions, social services, VET providers that can support the partners during the project activities.

Specifically, the project has the following objectives, to engage disadvantaged young people of the targeted areas/community to participate in the programmed activities and the transnational exchange.

In addition, the project disseminates the partial and complete outcomes of the wider audience in the EU and defines channels of sustainability based on the support already obtained at implementation phase and built during the networking activities.

Another objective, is to provide a new way to deliver youth work, support NEETs personal and professional development while actively engaging territorial partners and stakeholders to favor NEETs’ social/work insertion.

With these objectives in mind, the project will produce the following deliverables. First it offers to the participants a real and concrete change and to enter in direct contact with work-related situations get a better idea of how structured and formally defined organizations operate and work.

Second, a huge step is offered for those NEET who have been disengaged from the labor market for a long time or maybe have no work experience.

Last but not least, the tools provided are designed to assist youth workers/trainers/assessors in assessing the achievement of goals by NEETs and recording results obtained in the EYP Program.

The target groups of the project are specifically young people in the NEET category who face a number of barriers. Youth associations, social services, civil society organizations, primary, secondary schools and VET providers, organizations and institutions providing “trainer the trainer” type of training, including universities are also possible partners. 

Full title: Employable Young People
Start: 01.02.2016
Finish: 31.01.2018
Programme: Erasmus+
Sub-Programme: Key Action 2

The partnership

The partnership consists of Italy (Aregai Terre di Benessere), Greece (European Institute for Local Development), United Kingdom (Eastern Scotland-The Chamber), Romania (A Sociatia Ideisiproiecte pentru tineri active), Spain (Fundacion Universidad de la region de Murcia) and Turkey (Bakirköy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School).

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