About the Project

The IDoSport project aims at promoting the sport practice as a vehicle of social inclusion and integration among people with relational and intellectual disabilities. As a second goal, the project gazes at promoting voluntary work in sport and increasing voluntary participation of non-profit organizations, in order to ensure the actions sustainability. The project also wants to make an

endorsement to raise awareness on the importance of sport for health, especially for intellectual disabilities.

The higher goal of this project is to teach European sport coaches about the inclusive coaching approach, in order to promote equal opportunities and equal access to sport activities. The coaches will be the “linking persons” between the physical exercises and the athletes with Intellectual/relational Disability.

IDoSport project is the occasion to create an international debate on this issue: 1. It will try to analyze the different contexts to understand the situations on the macro-level; 2. After having trained a group of coaches, the project will be a communicative tool that could move other sport clubs and non-profit organizations towards a different approach to disability and sport.

Full title: IDOSPORT

Start: January 2020

Finish: 31.12.2022

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: Sport


The Partnership

Τhe participating countries and partner organisations are: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica SPORT21 ITALIA ONLUS (Italy), European Institute Of Local Development (EILD) Greece, FUNDACIÓN ASINDOWN (Spain), Az Ertelmi Fogyatekosok Fejlodeset Szolgalo Magyar Down Alapit (HUNGARY) Jaunuoliu dienos centras (Lithuania)