About the Project​

This project developed activities that will support Erasmus+ Small such as collaborative Partnerships objective that encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. Therefore, the project expects to have a positive impact on the objective of the Europe 2020 strategy: reduce the poverty and social exclusion. In particular, this project shall not only provide children of immigrants with health enhancing physical activity but will also integrate them into the society – they will get in contact with each other and with locals. Thus positively affecting to their life quality.

The objective of the project is the Social inclusion of immigrant children through HEPA.Τhe specific objectives of the programme are to develop network among stakeholders, to increase capacity to operate at transnational level and to prepare, implement and develop a training module fit the target group.

Full title: HEPA2RKids

Start: — 1.1.2018

Finish: — 31.12.2020

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: Sport

Website: TBA

The Partnership

Τhe participating countries and partner organisations are: European Institute for Local Development (Greece), Inonu University (Turkey), Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita Basket, MSV Basket (Italy), MEDesTU (Portugal), “SuperKid” – School of Sport (Croatia).