Going From Athlete To Entrepreneur?

Just because you had success in one area of life, that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in other areas.

Going from athlete to entrepreneur is a route that many athletes want to take going into life after sports.

They’re eager to hang the jersey up and put the suit on even though they might not know the first thing about being an entrepreneur.

One thing you have to know is that entrepreneurship changes. All of the damn time.

People innovate, new technology comes out and businesses are constantly put out of business.

Honestly, the odds are almost always stacked against you no matter what industry you’re in.

Who in the hell would want to play that game? Athletes would.

Because it is the same game that they’ve been playing their entire life.

Odds are often stacked against you in sports. Competition is everywhere. Teams are constantly getting better and adding new players to the roster.

It’s what you love. It’s why you play. It’s what you have always known.

Being a great athlete doesn’t always equate to being a great entrepreneur, but it absolutely can if you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Before You Make The Jump, Understand These 5 Things

  1. You Have To Play The Long Game– You already know this though. You didn’t become a good athlete overnight. Good things take time to happen and that’s the game you have to play as an entrepreneur, especially if you want to be in it for the long run.
  2. Purpose Over Profits– Your “why” has to be stronger than your desire to make money. When it comes down to actually putting in time, effort and energy into something, money won’t drive you to get through the obstacles and hard times that you will experience. It has to be some kind of internal factor that propels you to keep going even when you want to quit.
  3. Work Hard & Work Smart– Some people think that you just got to work hard. Some people believe that you just have to work smart. I believe that success is a combination of both. You can’t have a successful career as an entrepreneur without doing both things at a high level, at all times.
  4. No Just Means “Next Opportunity”– People have probably told you “No” your entire life. Going into entrepreneurship will be more of the same, that I can promise. You will come across people who don’t think you’ll make it and they won’t want to give you a chance. You can’t take anything personally and no matter how many times you get rejected, never stop pushing forward.
  5. Continue To Learn & Leverage Your Strengths- Sports have taught you so much — use what you know to get ahead. You have the intangibles to be a great entrepreneur. You have the skillset and self-confidence to get through. You just have to continue learning the game and mastering your craft. 

You Have What It Takes, Now Go Get It

Going from being an athlete your whole life to becoming an entrepreneur is a challenge.

I’m still struggling with it every day and I’ve been going for about a year and a half.

But I love the journey and the process. I love the grind and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Even if money wasn’t involved in what I’m doing, I would still continue to do it because that’s not what drives me.

It true love for the game of entrepreneurship.

You have to find something that drives your passion and gets you excited to do it every day.

That is the number one thing you have to consider. Do you really love it and can you do it the rest of your life?

Everything else you have been prepped for and you have what it takes to make the transition to entrepreneurship and actually win.

Always remember that this game isn’t for everyone. You really have to know what you’re getting into but if you think it’s for you, understand these five things before making the jump and go all in on your dreams.