Zaragoza, 16th of July 2019

As a growing interest towards addressing the set of behavioral and developmental challenges that people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) experience has been noted, we witness more and more relevant initiatives arising across the EU. Part of this policy seeking to raise awareness and develop solutions for individuals with ASD, has been the commissioning of projects on behalf of the European Union.

Amongst the projects completed this past couple of years, the European Institute for Local Development had the chance to participate in STOP! ASD HAZARDS, coordinated by ASOCIACION DE EMPRESARIOS GALLEGOS EN ARAGON Y RIBERAS DEL EBRO (AEGARE) from Spain and involving five partners from five countries (1. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT – GREECE/ 2. UNIVERSITY OF DEBRECEN-DEBRECENI EGYETEM – HUNGARY/ 3. IZMIT ILCE MILLI EGITIM MUDURLUGU – TURKEY / 4. CREATOR EUROPEAN CONSULTANTS S.R.L – ROMANIA / 5. ATENCIONA – SPAIN). The main objective of STOP! ASD HAZARDS has been the design and development of an educational platform linking specialists and patients along with the creation of a gamification platform to in-job-train individuals with autism based on different scenarios/ positions.

As the project officially ends by the end of this fall, the partners held their last meeting to present the final version of both platforms and evaluate the strategies employed. The meeting kicked off with a briefing by Aegare, on the current situation of the project and any pending issues that should be addressed prior to the submission of the final documentation. EILD presented the revised version of the gamification after the feedback provided by the project partners. CREATOR presented as well the final outlook and navigation design of the educational platform and its latest features. Shortly after the lunch break, the partners circulated their dissemination reports and their final comments on the project.

Final reports and project materials will be submitted and evaluated by the European Union during fall.

For more informational on the STOP ASD! HAZARDS, please visit:fb: @stopasd on facebook  | twitter: @Stop_ASD_Hazards