fEUture LAs ritagliato

About the Project

This project aims to provide modular and flexible learning tools to continuous professional development experts, local government staff, policy makers, union representatives, and other stakeholders in rural and peripheral European areas. The tools will help support the adoption of smart working practices and enable users to acquire key skills, including digital, soft skills, and eco-considerations. This initiative will support the effective implementation of smart working, particularly in light of the digital and green European decade, and the post-Covid recovery era. Additionally, partners involved in this project will improve their ability to develop flexible and modular vocational education and training materials.


Full name: CVET programme for the next generation of European Local Administrators

Start: 31/12/2022

Finish: 30/06/2024

Programme: Erasmus+

Action Type: KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships in VET

The partnership: The Apartment APS (Italy), Eco Logic (North Macedonia), Associazione regionale comuni italiani (Italy)



The “Agility and Smart Working for Municipalities” Compendium is available for download in four languages: English, Italian, Greek and Macedonian.