Full title: HEPA2RKids
Start: 01/01/2019
Finish: 01/01/2020
Program: Erasmus+
Sub-Program: Sport

Greece, being one of the very first destinations to enter Europe, ranks amongst the top-hosting countries within EU. More specifically, during the past four years it is estimated that more than 70.000 refugees and asylum seekers have reached the Aegean islands, amongst them more than 20.000 children.

The European Institute for Local Development (EILD) joined forces with four not-for-profit-organizations constituting the project team. “HEPA2Rkids” is a Erasmus+ program co-funded by the European Union seeking to socially integrate children of immigrants and refugees through health-enhancing physical activities (HEPA).

The collaboration comprises from five not-for-profit organizations representing the five participating countries (Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Portugal). The overall duration of the project is 24 months and its main activities include yet are not limited to establishing partnerships with the national HEPA focal points and implementing in a national level the proposed HEPA training module.

The European Institute for Local Development (EILD) has already proceeded to establishing sub-partnerships with Athens-based organizations working directly with asylum seekers and immigrants to make the best out of their first-hand experience in the field.

Training activities will be implemented within the next few months from certified trainers and coaches experienced in working with vulnerable individuals especially, kids.

Find out more about the project here and stay tuned for updates!