EILD Is Thrilled To Announce The Successful Implementation Of The 2nd ICT Training Hotspot!

Despite the difficulties that had risen due to the Covid-19 pandemic, EILD managed to launch its 2nd ICT Training hotspot in collaboration with the municipality of Metamorfossi, in Attica, Greece.

The first session of the one of the two courses, which will be implemented, already took place at the 30th of July.

The EILD team that attended the event presented E-Design’s objectives, goals and anticipated results and the participants had the chance to make questions, in order to better understand the whole process.

Afterwards, the participants completed a questionnaire about the knowledge and skills they already have in the use of ICT tools, which are going to be examined by the trainers, in order to adapt the sessions’ material to their needs and expectations.

Finally, EILD would like to express its gratitude to the municipality for using its official channels for reaching out and promoting the project to other local authorities and stakeholders. Combining our actions, we are aiming at realizing one of the biggest dissemination campaigns, for promoting the projects’ results and ensuring its sustainability, in both national and European level.

Stay tuned for more updates!