About the Project

The DIAL project aims
to tackle the issue of social polarisation. The lack of dialogue skills is both
a cause and symptom of polarisation, which leads to eroding trust both on an
interpersonal and societal level. Polarisation can lead to a situation where
many people don’t even want to enter in dialogue, which may even have a
negative effect on European democracy. Dialogue skills also help people handle
misinformation. Mis- and disinformation typically focus on sensitive topics
that can polarise society, inflame tempers and make fake news more easily
conveyed and shared. The process of spreading fake news can be driven in a
number of ways, including individuals that share unverified information.
Following “Flash Eurobarometer 464”, only 15% of Europeans are very confident
in being able to recognize fake news. Dialogue skills help people to listen to
alternative viewpoints to reach an informed balanced worldview, which is why it
needs to be linked with basic skills such as media literacy. The DIAL project’s
solution is a new dialogue model for adult learners, which any individual or
organisation can use. The project shall use and further develop already
existing tried and tested methods to create a low-threshold model for including
and training dialogue in everyday situations at work or at leisure.


Full Title: Dialogue In Adult


Start: 01/09/2022

Finish: 31/08/2024




Action Type:
KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education


Partnership: Opintotoiminnan Keskusliitto ry (Finland), European Institute for
Local Development (Greece), Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti (Italy), FUNDACJA
CENTRUM CYFROWE (Poland), Glotta Nova, center za novo znanje (Slovenia)