About the Project​

Dual Career Young Promoter (DCYP) is a ‘tool’ that promotes education in and through education sports, and promotes dual career among its peers –to young successful athletes. One of the ways to prevent exclusion of retired sportsmen is timely receipt of a dual education by young athletes. Τhe main idea of the project is to use peer learning advantages to bring the idea of the necessity of dual education to young athletes. Project main goal is promotion dual education among young athletes through peer advising.

Τhe Project objectives are creation the image/figure of Dual Career Young Promoter (DCYP) , initial establishment of DCYPs Network and promotion volunteering in sport.

Target groups and project final beneficiaries are talented young athletes (15-25 years old): more interested in sport and winning rather than building a smooth transition for the end of their sport career, sports clubs and associations that lack awareness, information, education regarding dual career, as well as trainers and coaches who put pressure for high results and disregarding the end-of-career issues. The programme is also for parents who ask for high level performance from their children and sometimes causing their dropout.

Full title: DCYP

Start: 01.01.2019

Finish: 30.06.2020

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: Sport

Website: TBA

The Partnership

The participating countries and partner organisations are: NGO My World (Bulgaria), Msv Basket (Italy), Institutul National de Cercetare pentru Sport (Romania), European Institute for Local Development (Greece), Europa Sport Academy Limited (United Kingdom).