About the Project​

Visual Library of Cultural Heritage Project develops new skills sets for the participants to access different forms of culture. They will be involved in practical and creative workshops during which they learn and practice the technical process to create digital contents. A four-step approach will be applied, tailored to the needs of people with low skills that will enable them to gradually acquire the knowledge. They will learn to create new entry points and prototype an AR visual library able to assist people in finding information. The learning process is addressed to the low-skilled to skilled participants as they will be involved in learning by doing activities tailored to their capacity for learning. This learning process is based on gamification in order to motivate participants and to engage them actively. In that way, participants will gain new skills in using technology in their daily work or for leisure. At the individual level, all these new skills acquired by participants in the project will increase their confidence in using technology, will help in their daily life and will inhibit their feelings of losing pace with technology. Project participants will become in cascade trainers and will reproduce all practices in their communities. The objectives of the programme is to increase awareness about European cultural heritage by involving adult people in creating a Visual Library that includes an AR gallery of the most important items of the cultural heritage of the participating countries that gives information overlapped with pictures, texts and animation accessible from any mobile devices,to prototype a learning method using an AR app. and flash cards that form the Portfolio of European cultural heritage,to increase the confidence of adult people in modern devices and improving their ITC skills by involving them in learning by doing activities and gamification using AR technology and to facilitate the transfer of innovative practice in European educational communities, by sharing experiences and dissemination resources, results, methods and learnings using offline, online and mobile areas.


Full title: Visual Library of Cultural Heritage

Start: 03/09/2018

Finish: 02/09/2021

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: KA2



The Partnership

The partnership consists of Romania (Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanu Valcea), Ireland (Inventya Ventures (EU) Ltd), Greece (European Institute for Local Development), Italy (Associazione Culturale Twitteratura), Malta (Projects In Motion Limited), Czech Republic (KNIHOVNA KROMERIZSKA – PRISPEVKOVA ORGANIZACE), Portugal (Associação de Ensino Cristóvão Colombo) and Slovenia (VISOKA SOLA ZA STORITVE).