Work ForInclusion information event

On Tuesday, February 27, the European Institute for Local Development in collaboration with the Care for Children of Katerinis (Care for the mentally disabled of Pieria) organized an information event in the framework of the European Project Project Work ForInclusion, which is financed by the Erasmus + Program. At the facilities of the Katerin Child …

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UPCOMING WOMEN 4th Newsletter published

The 4th Newsletter of the project Upcoming Women – Low skilled women’ empowerment through global competence and mentorship is ready! Click in the pictures below to read it in English and in Greek.

BIM Transnational Project Meeting in Greece

#ErasmusPlus #Erasmus: BIM Transnational Project Meeting in Greece. The University of Patras has hosted the BIM Project transnational meeting (19-21 October 2022) BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is fast increasing in its popularity as a unique methodology to express technologies. The BIM4Ed Consortium: Warnborough College UK, International Innovation from the South SL, University of Economics and Innovation in …

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Kick-off meeting for the #Dial project, held in Helsinki, Finland, October 4th-6th 2022 During the meeting, the partners had the chance to meet each other, in order to initiate the process of the project in a mutually collaborative spirit. The Consortium, also, discussed the general guidelines of the project, as well as the tasks that …

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Eduplat is an ERASMUS+Program, where the aim is to create an educational network where students, families, schools, teachers, and other education professionals can collaborate, share resources, and add value to all contributions and contributors. For more, click the link: https://eurolocaldevelopment.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/EDUPLAT-PRESENTATION.pdf


3rd Transnational Meeting for the #EWA project , held in Athens, Greece, October 13, 2022 During the meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss project#EWA’s progress and what needed to be done. We discussed the need for the establishment of a help desk where female athletes could report incidents of abuse and harassment. Furthermore, we …

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2nd Transnational Meeting for the # WELL-19 project , held in Istanbul, Turkey, October 10, 2022 During the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to discuss Result 1 of the project, which is nearing completion. It is a manual over 200 pages, that will deal with the assistance of school psychologists with students during the …

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