BoB As A Bait Virtual Meeting

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project: BoB as a Bait Virtual Meeting

On February 12.2.2021, the European Institute for Local Development took part in a virtual meeting under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project: BoB as a Bait. We discussed about ongoing activities, work on intellectual outputs and preparation to the online multiplier events.

ΒοΒ as a Bait is a project to develop competence and good methods for adult trainers to motivate low skilled adults for stronger engagement in lifelong learning to enhance their working lives opportunities through entrepreneurial skills. This will be achieved by using a newly developed tool, called the Book of Business or BoB as Bait which has been proved to be a useful training tool to change adults’ attitudes in a positive way to take active part in new learning process.

We want to thank our partners for the cooperation so far.

For more information about the project, please visit its site:

*We got the permission of all participants for posting the photo of the meeting*