About the Project​

BABBAT (BoB as a Bait – better adult training) is a project to develop competence and good methods for adult trainers to motivate low skilled adults for stronger engagement in lifelong learning to enhance their working lives opportunities through entrepreneurial skills. This will be achieved by using a newly developed tool, called the Book of Business or BoB as Bait which has been proved to be a useful training tool to change adults’ attitudes in a positive way to take active part in new learning process.

The project is based on the fact that EU Member states are in a strong need to enhance their working force competence on all levels to ensure greater economic competitiveness and higher GDP. One of the best ways to be done is to increase number of people that are improving their capability through education.

2020 EU strategy states that lifelong learning is essential for social inclusion, active citizenship and participation in a progressively digitalized economy. The fact about the digital situation in Europe now is that about 44 % of the total workforce have none or very low digital skills. In the near future it is estimated that 9 out of 10 jobs will require those skills. It is also stated, that it will be needed people that have some entrepreneurial competences. Thus, this project combines both – development of entrepreneurial and digital skills using BoB.

Full title: BABBAT

Start: 1.12.2020

Finish: 1.12.2022

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: KA2


The Partnership

The participating countries and partner organizations are: EKO Grammar School and VET School of Multimedia (Czech Republic), Tenerife – Tenerife Job Training S.L. (Spain) , EILD Europaiko Institouto Topikis Anaptyksis (Greece), Biznesa Makslas Un Technologiju Augstskola Riseba (Latvia), VsI Zmogiskuju istekliu stebesenos ir pletros biuras ZISPB (Lithuania), Eesti People To People (Estonia), Step By Step (Iceland).