3rd Learning Activity For “Visual Library Of Cultural Heritage” Project


23-25 OCTOBER 2019


Right before the end of October, the “Cheritage” project partners met in Ljubljana (SLO) to attend the third project training on cultural heritage and its visual manifestations. The training course was primarily structured around understanding the multi-layered role that photography holds in world history and collective awareness through historical and commercial examples.

The first day focused on grasping the very basics of photography and light through lectures while the attendees were given the chance to model themselves and experiment with professional studio equipment. Second day revolved around composition and perspective with a focus on architectural photography. In addition to that, the Zappar app was presented and tested by in the workroom as the hosting space of the AR elements developed by the project team. Before the end of the day, the participants attended a guided tour of the city centre to get inspired and more importantly, to apply their gained knowledge.

For the final day, the whole team visited the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia and was given an exclusive tour of the photography archive (Phototeque) and the current exhibition. The final day along with the training activity came to an end with the presentation of the photo challenge from each representing group and the confirmation of the next meeting scheduled for mid-March in Portugal.  

Official project site: www.cheritage.eu

Twitter account: @cheritage  

Cheritage is a two-year Erasmus+ project (2018-2020) involving 8 European countries in the creation of a visual library of cultural heritage accessible in augmented reality. The project is based on a learning-by-doing methodology engaging adults in the use of technology for content creation. During the project, the participants will work to present a list of the most relevant items of their national heritage in this innovative and enriched form. This will lead to the creation of an online visual gallery of European cultural heritage, accompanied by a visual portfolio of flashcards to be distributed locally and accessed in AR mode.