2nd Transnational Meeting For The Program ‘Visual Library Of Cultural Heritage’



June 26th, 2019

The 2nd transnational meeting for the program ‘Visual Library of Cultural Heritage’ took place at the end of June in Athens, Greece.

The meeting kicked off with the presentation of the agenda and a brief presentation of the host organization, European Institute for Local Development (EILD), and its ongoing projects, followed by the presentations of each partner country.

For the main core of the meeting, the partners evaluated and finalized the features of the project platform and the structure of the gallery before proceeding with the evaluation of the first two learning activities, the participation rate of the partners in meetings and the results gathered up to now both in terms of quality and quantity.

The discussion proceeded with addressing issues regarding the project budget, the managerial methods employed and on the progress reports filled by each country. Just after the lunch break, the project team went through the dissemination strategy, evaluated its core characteristics and assessed how to further develop it.

Last but not least, the project team concluded with the evaluation of the next two learning activities (video & audio contents creation through photography & Augmented Reality contents creation and linking them with the Visual Library of Cultural Heritage) and the assessment of the meeting overall.

Next stop for the project team; training in Slovenia at the very end of October.

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