2nd Transnational Meeting For The Program ‘SPINENT’


Athens, GREECE

JULY 1st & 2nd, 2019

SPINENT partners held the 2nd transnational project meeting on the 1st of July in Athens, Greece. The meeting kicked off shortly after 10.00 with the first discussion of the group touching upon the assessment and evaluation of the development of an interactive guide and toolkit on sport technological entrepreneurship for young people (WP2). The partners proceeded with the break-down of the preparatory activities to gather the materials for the guide (desk work – gathering of the literature review, field work – surveys and interviews, interactive tools design).

After the lunch break, the partners met again to pick up the conversation, this time with respect to the design and development of WP3 of the program (research, creation of ICT-based sport-oriented technological & entrepreneurship/ innovation management course). Day one concluded with an overview of the administrative tasks, financial management details and the planning of the dissemination activities.

Day two shifted the interest of the group on assessing the very first steps and results of the project and more importantly, on scheduling the next ones. Partners discussed and exchanged opinions and experiences seeking to make meaningful contributions to the development of the program and to the delivery of solid, applicable, transferrable strategies.

Next meeting will be held in Spain in October. Find out more at spinent.eu or follow us on ig: @eurolocaldevelopment