2nd Transnational Meeting For The Program ‘European Digital Education For Social Inclusion And Global Neighbourhood – E-DESIGN’

European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global Neighbourhood – E-DESIGN

2nd Meeting: 2/7/2019 – 4/7/2019

CSC, Via Roma 94 – 90133 Palermo, Sicily

Partners from Germany, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Lithuania met in Palermo, Sicily for the 2nd meeting of ‘E-DESIGN’ project. The overall objective of the meeting was to discuss and review the work packages on preparing and designing the courses while setting a clear timeline on the ICT hotspots pilot implementation.

The meeting kicked off at 9.00 am with reviewing the agenda and the examination of WP – ‘Preparation I’ consisting of a brief reporting on the digital job market and the next steps focusing on gathering information on the target groups. Shortly after the coffee break, the partners presented the trainer handouts (ZAUG, CEPROF, EILD, CIP, CSC, CodeDoor) and discussed upon the courses design. The day concluded with WP – ‘Preparation II’ and the building of local partnerships and synergies in order to install the hotspots. CIP, CSC, CEPROF, EILD and ZAUG briefed the group on their options with respect to local cooperators, equipment handling and agreements.

The second day of the meeting, besides wrapping up the preparation packages, focused on the WP that deals with the implementation of the project. In the first place, the discussion shifted towards the Pilot Testing Phase and the overall project timeline (courses start, preparation of the trainers, training course design for teachers and volunteers, etc.). What is more, the partners discussed upon the competitions’ structure and the foundation of the online learning communities (CEPROF, ZAUG). As far as the WP ‘Evaluation of Practical Implementation’, Kauko presented the tools to evaluate the pilot phase as well as the selection of best practices. The day concluded with EILD’s presentation on the dissemination plan (website and social media management, newsletters and all relevant dissemination activities, etc.).

Summing up the 2nd meeting, the 3rd day was devoted to evaluating the overall managerial and internal strategies employed up to now (WP ‘Project Management’) such as communication issues and financial details. Next meeting has been scheduled for the February of 2020.

Find more on the project at: e-designproject.eu or at the official fb page of the project @edesigneuproject. Alternatively, visit eurolocaldevelopment.org for press releases, news and live updates.