Project description:

The aim of the project is to approach the cancer patients by encouraging them to participate in sports. It is very important for the cancer patient to be part of a sport game as it makes him/her feel unique because sports allow everyone, at every level, to participate and get involved in a team/group.

Partnering with sport groups will help these people to amplify/boost their confidence and to encourage them being physically active.

The project activities can be useful for cancer patients to familiarize with the idea of promoting sport as a means to help to the positive and strong in fighting and dealing with cancer, to feel as a “sick person who DOES NOT get sick” because he/she leads a life, albeit fighting with the inevitable functional and organic problems and pains.

The project intends to realize two general purposes. Firstly, the idea is to develop the European Dimension in Sport by promoting the link between health and sport for all. Secondly, the project aims to sustain the sport’s role in promoting greater social inclusion in particular by promoting the importance of health enhancing physical activity for wellness and social inclusion for cancer patients.

The partnership consists of Italy (Tiber Umbria Commet Education Programme – Comitato Olimpico Nationale Italiano), Spain (Centre for Education), Bulgaria (Nationalno DVIZHENIE OBEDINENIE ZA RAZVITIE NA SPORTA I SPORTIN), Turkey (ISPARTA Halk Sagligi Müdürlügü, UK (BECKENHAM), Poland (LODZ) and Greece (European Institute for Local Development).


Start: 01.01.2017

Finish: 30.06.2018

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-Programme: Sport


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