Project description:

iSMART project aims to digitally expand the memory of dyslexic pupils, to assist in eliminating the limitations that come with education as a dyslexic.

The project provides dyslexic pupils and their parents a platform where notes from the classroom are easily accessible. This will provide a better learning experience to the pupils and more and clearer information to the parents. 


iSMART partners have planned the following specific goals:

  • To design effective software for transferring information from classroom whiteboards to smart devices including smartboard and camera based approaches.
  • To develop and design applications for text to speech on smart devices for increased interest and motivation of dyslexic pupils (children between 9 and 12 years of age).
  • To focus the software on basic skills like reading, writing and mathematics.
  • To test the software in the classroom with diagnosed dyslexic pupils.
  • To help parents of dyslexic children when assisting them with their homework.
  • To train teachers on how to deal more effectively with dyslexic pupils using technology.
  • To localise software to accommodate national languages.
  • To develop and implement a dissemination and exploitation strategy with a view to raising awareness among the target groups and educational authorities.



iSMART project develops a  software that enables the transfer of text and other study materials from the classroom to pupils’ smart device. The concept is that the teacher will save all subjects discussed in class and will transfer them digitally to the smart devices enabling the pupils to access information remotely.

The consortium will work together to create and consolidate the project’s structure and the inherent pedagogy of the dyslexic educational support service being launched that will be available online and on the mobile tablets.

  • Research on innovations and early detection of symptoms of dyslexia
  • Development of iSMART concept
  • Development of educational  teachers/parents platforms
  • Development of training support materials: Training the Teachers Pack
  • Testing and evaluation of results achieved through the iSMART Platforms



The project consortium includes partners from 6 EU countries and Turkey:
Accord International s.r.o (Czech Republic), European Institute for Local Development – EILD (Greece), AcrossLimits.Ltd (Malta), People Help People (Italy), IsanInternit AB – INIT (Sweden), Institute for Innovation in Learning (Germany), Primary School in Jílové u Prahy (Czech Republic), Afyonkarahisar Provincial National Education Directorate (Turkey).
Full title: iSmart Application

Start: 01.01.2013

Finish: 30.09.2016

Programme: Lifelong Learning programme Centralized

Sub-Programme: Comenius




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