A workshop will be organized in terms of “Rural Agree” Project on Wednesday 11th October, at Brussels, addressing the issue of promoting entrepreneurship and business in the agri-food sector in rural areas.

Registration form: http://ruralagree.eu/index.php/news/item/112-official-invitation-wednesday-11-10-brussels-official-launch-event-9-30-12-00

“European Project ReYion: Strengthening the Rural Sector through Youth Initiatives and Networking Organizations - Writing a Handbook on Youth Business.”

The European project ReYion, with the aim of strengthening the third sector in rural areas, of any non-profit social responsibility activity, aims at creating a handbook with useful and practical information in this direction for young people in rural areas.

View the newsletter Vol. in English and in Greek.

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European Institute for Local Development’s mission is to provide innovative tools for the sustainability of regions promoting experience sharing between its members and partners for sustaining international cooperation, skillful networking and further progress and growth.

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West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd

West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 which specializes in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Learning sets, Corporate Learning Events, Social Responsibility,, Business Support, Family Learning, Volunteering, Knowledge Dissemination.

West Midland Tomorrow Ltd’ s purpose is:

To build sustainable relationships at all levels in the West Midlands among strategists, academia, fund holders, leaders of major organisations and small businesses, and to develop the “third Sector” (charities, trusts, social enterprises to cater for the disenfranchised in the community).

To unlock the potential for learning and continuous improvement among organisations in the West Midlands.

To disseminate knowledge nationally, europe-wide and globally.

Web: www.westmidlandstomorrow.eu

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European Institute for Local Development

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