The Associazione L’Arca di Noè Onlus from Monza is the Italian partner of the European project “ESY - Easy School for Young Students” which is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus + 2014-2020 program.

On April 25, we met again partners of the project in the town of Izmit (Kocaeli) Turkey. It was an intense but pleasant day, not only because we could review what has been undertaken to date, exchange views on the ongoing tasks and future remaining to complete the project but also to meet again and to share, between friends and a few days on the shores of the Marmara sea. representatives of all partners attended:

  • Creator European Consultants.
  • European Institute for Local Development (EILD).
  • Aragon regional association of family-oriented diagnosis, research, treatment and time ofhyperactivity, attention deficit and associated disorders (ATENZIONA) professionals.
  • Izmit District Directorate of National Education (IDDNE).
  • University of Debrecen.
  • Gallegos Business Association in Aragon and Riberas del Ebro (AEGARE).

In addition to the meeting, stay in Izmit helped us learn about two entities in working people with disabilities. One of them, very sweet, because it is one of the most famous industries in Turkey: the CAN pişmaniye . The pişmaniye is a Turkish sweet thin strands made by mixing flour with butter toast in caramelized sugar. We guarantee that is great. E impressed by the speed with which the factory workers manipulate and packaged.

After the morning session, we move into a minibus at a stunning resort facilities: the Bizimkoy Engelliler Uretim Merkezi Vakfi . A textile facilities where working people with various disabilities. We were left stunned by the magnitude of the facilities and, above all, human hand, for all that were able to do.
In addition to a photo, a video that we recorded a time in which, as the saying goes, a picture is better than a thousand words. Pinchad here ( and enjoy ...


The two visits are an example not good, but buenisimas practices. And a sample of overcoming the difficulties that life brings us. And, according to the seen and lived, cum laude-overcoming. Izmit way back, we stopped briefly at the lake Sapanca ; a whole interior, with spectacular views and, of course, the sea could not help us a family photo as a souvenir.

After the official dinner served us our friends farewell, there was an official presentation of certificates of attendance.
And, the next day, return to our countries touched with the feeling of being at home, warm welcome thanks to our Turkish friends and Izmit District Directorate of National Education.

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