• Feb 21, 2019

3rd Future

A European initiative using sport to promote health and well-being among young people living in underprivileged districts is successfully ongoing. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Programme.

Τhe 3rd transnational meeting for the Future for Children project was successfully held in Palermo on 24th - 25th of January 2019 with the presence of all partners countries and hosted by CEIPES.

The meeting included a review on the online survey conducted in each of the participating countries in terms of the third Work Package of the project. It was decided that all results will be translated in English in order to proceed to their analysis and reach conclusions about the coach’s  role in the sports-based social inclusion intervention.

Furthermore, the partners discussed about the next stage of the project, which will include an analysis of the results of the studies conducted in WP2 and WP3, with the aim to elucidate how the role of the coach and its intervention promotes and inhibits social inclusion. This analysis will be achieved by collecting of best practices and suggestions by participating countries, as well as drafting a handbook of good practices and suggestions for a common coach education programme. 


Participating organizations of the project are: Club Lluita Olimpica La Mina (Spain), Club Gimnastica La Mina (Spain), ASM de Clermont – Ferrand (France), European Institute for Local Development (Greece) and CEIPES (Italy).

More information about Future+ can be found in its Official Website and Social Media Pages of the project:

Website: http://futureplus.eu/




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