• Nov 07, 2017

One more DECA Project Meeting took place on 30th October, 2017 in Bremerhaven in “PIER 6” Company, the training company of DECA participant Klavs Krastins from Latvia.

 The purpose of the meeting was the evaluation of the situation of Latvian DECA player, Klavs Krastins, in the Project.

One more DECA Project Meeting took place on 30th October, 2017 in Bremerhaven in “PIER 6” Company, the training company of DECA participant Klavs Krastins from Latvia.

 The purpose of the meeting was the evaluation of the situation of Latvian DECA player, Klavs Krastins, in the Project.

 Participants of the Meeting:

  • Klavs Krastins, DECA Participant
  • Mr. Steffen Heumann, Head of Pier 6 and Training Manager of Klavs,
  • Nils Rutmann, Local Manager ERASMUS + Sport DECA Project,
  • Monika Mester, PractiGo, Member of the Partner Company in the DECA project and training support MobiPro
  • Majdi Shaladi, youth coach of the polar bears Bremerhaven and coach of Klavs (and Jordi) and
  • Dr. Uli Mix, Coordinator of DECA Project.


After the first phase of three-month training, the Head of “PIER 6” company, Steffen Heumann, declares very satisfied by the services of Klavs. He is a quick learner, highly motivated and quite disciplined in training. His cultural integration into his working life in Bremerhaven has totally succeeded after three months. Klavs is ambitious and keeps high standards to take over the tasks assumed by him and to learn and communicate the German language.

Furthermore, he regularly visits the vocational school.

Overall, it has been proved very beneficiary for the entire development of Klavs the fact that all - the vocational school, the training company and the sports hall-  can be reached by him simultaneously and in a brief time.

The situation of the accommodation of Klavs in a three – room flat, shared together with Arnau Triginer, also a DECA participant, and another junior basketball player in a gated community with the other polar bear players and coaches, is also very good.

The sport’s coach reports that Klavs is one of the top five players of the team, which play in the Regionalliga Nord in Germany (5th league). The goal of this season is either the ascend or to prevail in the upper half of the table.

Owing to his technically good basic training in Latvia, Klavs has developed a very good throwing technique. He has a good understanding of the game and is physically fit.

The coach also trains Klavs in strength training so he can reach a higher level in modern athletic basketball in his upcoming career.

Taking into consideration Klavs’ existing technical skills, as well as his additional physical strength, his coach foresees further development opportunities and prospects for Klavs to play in higher professional leagues over the next few years.


Ms. Mester from PractiGo reports that, from her point of view, the development of Klavs in the MobiPro funding scheme is going very well and people are considering, whether additional language measures are needed.

At the beginning of 2018, Klavs will discuss the home leave in Latvia with Mr. Heumann and the sports coach and then organize accordingly.

In conclusion, DECA Coordinator praised the high positive development of Klavs in all aspects of the project. He mentions, that this was achievable, thanks to the good interaction, as well as, the personal and flexible commitment of all those actors, involved in Bremerhaven. He also distinguishes Klavs' stamina and ambition as a cornerstone of his success, despite all the difficulties, faced in the project.

At the Project Meeting was agreed, that Mrs. Mester and Mr. Mix will contact Klavs´ Vocational School and also a new meeting was appointed, on March 2018, participating all involved in the project.”



In the Photo can be seen, from left to right: Steffen Heumann - Head of  Pier 6 Company and Vocational Training Manager of Klavs, Dr. Uli Mix - DECA Project Coordinator (Senator für Inneres, Bremen, Germany), Klavs Krastins - DECA Participant from Latvia, Monika Mester - PractiGo, Germany (Partner company in the DECA project and training support MobiPro), Majdi Shaladi - youth coach of the polar bears Bremerhaven and Sport Coach of Klavs (and Jordi not on the photo),  Nils Rutmann, Head of Eisbären youth program and local manager ERASMUS + Sport DECA project.


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